What It Was Like

The Broadband Guy's Experience - Told by Paul


ViewerThe Broadband Guys' Experience - Told by Paul

My Relationship With Enron
What Enron Broadband & FYI-Net Were Building
My Relationship with Scott Yeager, One of the Five Broadband Defendants
Two Years After the Bankruptcy - A Shock
Why the Enron Task Force Went After Scott
During Their "Investigation", the Enron Task Force Refused to Inspect the Network Operating Centers
The Enron Task Force Did Not Charge the Broadband Defendants Until After the Network Had Been Dismantled and Sold - Conveniently Leaving No Evidence for the Defense
What Happened to the Software?
How the Enron Task Force "Investigated" Scott
Why John Kroger's Mind Was "Made Up"
The Mafia Prosecutor Finds His Story Spinners - and His Victims
Did the Enron Intelligent Network Work? Yes.
John Kroger's Openly-Admitted Modus Operandi
After Destroying Exculpatory Evidence, the Enron Task Force Ensured That the Defense Had No Witnesses
The First Broadband Trial - A Collection of Prosecutorial Abuses Before & During the Trial
Only One Person Was Brave Enough to Speak Out...
The Enron Task Force's Big Mistake in the First Broadband Trial
When Caught in the Mistake, the Enron Task Force Tried to Blame Someone Else
The Verdicts in the First Broadband Trial
If At First You Don't Succeed...Spend More Taxpayer Dollars and Re-Indict
The Second Broadband Trial - Mike and Kevin
Even the Jurors Saw No Justice & Admitted Wrongdoing
If You Don't Succeed a Second Time, Re-Indict a Third Time - Kevin's Continuing Nightmare
They Go After Scott a Second Time - and the Appellate Court Lets It Happen
Scott Takes His Case to the Supreme Court - And Wins
They Go After Joe and Rex a Second Time
What I Learned About the "Justice" Department