What It Was Like

Mike Ramsey's Experience


ViewerMike Ramsey's Experience

"I'm Ashamed"
"What Really Happened"
Behind the Scenes with Ken Lay
Just Talk to Them - It Will Be Okay
Why John Hueston Joined the Enron Task Force
Playing Charades with the DOJ - The Internal Review
The One Thing We Did Right During the "Investigation"
What It Was Like to Tell Ken That He'd Been Indicted
The Indictment
When Ken Surrendered
The Perp Walk
How the Enron Task Force Manipulated the Grand Jury Process
130 "Unindicted Co-Conspirators"
If You're Innocent, What Do You Have to Fear?
Judge Lake's Message to Potential Witnesses
Everyone Was Gagged
"Sorry, Mike"
Where Was Judge Lake?
"It's Like Swallowing a Rock"
Again, Where Was Judge Lake?
What I've Wondered About Over and Over
What Happens In the Dark of Night
The Dirty, Dark Secret
Is Judge Lake Embarrassed?
Why We Didn't Want to Try the Case in Houston
Why Wouldn't the Judge Even Grant a Hearing on the Change of Venue Motion?
"Scum" - And Then There Were Two
Mike's Shock During Jury Selection
How Mike Felt After Jury Selection
"If I Have a Criticism of Judge Lake..."
"I Did Not Understand Why the Judge Chose to Stop Us"
"We Tried to Call Expert Witnesses and Were Prohibited From Doing So"
To Whom Do You Complain?
Horse Police, Reporters & Pundits
Mike's Heart Problems
His Death Hurt
"That's a Damn Lie"
"The Civil Lawyers...Were Absolutely Shocked and Palefaced"
Mike's Fear