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The Nightmare Begins
100 + Bankers Invested Personally in LJM Vehicles
At the First Hint of Trouble - Self Report to Your Employer
What the Secret Audiotapes Recorded
Internal Investigation:  No Harm, No Foul
Step 2 - Self Report to the FSA
Conclusion of the FSA Investigation:  No Harm, No Foul
Sweetheart, I've Got to Go to London
The Criminal Complaint
The Diabolical Reason for the Charging Document
Selling His Soul to the Devil, That Boy
Situating the Appreciation
Prosecutorially-Abusive Tactic - Avoid Gathering Exculpatory Information
They Go About Developing New Areas of Criminality
Don't Worry About Being Extradited
Cooperate Or Be Indicted
Where's the Victim?
There's No Crime and No Victims, So Why Not Drop the Charges?
He Sold Our Birthright for a Mess of Pottage
Did the Grand Jury Know There Was No Victim?
What It's Like to Go Through an Extradition Hearing
The Extradition - Just Plain Wrong
Businessmen March
Emergency Debates in the House of Lords & the House of Commons
As Long As There is Breath In My Body
Neil Takes His Life
Saying Goodbye
Gary's Unexpected Twist
That Man Over There...
Saying Goodbye to Callum
A Bigger, Uglier 23-Person Escort
Homeless in Houston
The Motion to Dismiss
Motion to Dismiss - Denied
Abandonment and Abduction
No Witnesses, No Evidence
Key British Witness Refuses to Testify in America
Bang! Up It Came
The Smoking Gun E-mail
What's Wrong With This E-mail?
Looking Into the Mirror
Knocked Sideways
The Likeliest Possible Outcome
Why David Decided to Plead Guilty
Why Gary Decided to Plead Guilty
I'm a Criminal
What It's Like to Plead Guilty - From David's Perspective
The Judge Had Not Even Read the Statement of Facts
What It's Like to Plead Guilty - From Gary's Perspective
An Uncanny Resemblance
The U.S. Plea Bargain System
Hindsight, Regrets, Lessons Learned
The Presumption of Guilt



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David Bermingham

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Gary Mulgrew

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