Behind The Scenes

The Reviews Were Written


ViewerA Shameful Example of American "Journalism"

The "Relentless" and Lazy Press
They Were Message Hucksters, Pushing the Idea that Would "Sell"
The Media's Mantra - Good Versus Evil Corporate Executives - End of Story
They Elevated It to National Tragedy Status
The Media's Creation - A Vitriolic Lynch Mob - Americans at Their Ugliest
Did the Media Contribute to the Bankruptcy Itself? One Editor Takes Credit

ViewerAnd The Award for the Most Blatantly-Biased Newspaper Goes To...The Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle's Coverage
The Chronicle Blogs Their Version of the Lay/Skilling Trial
The Houston Chronicle Even Called for Conviction While the Jury Was Deliberating


ViewerBethany McLean's Role in the Enron Collapse & the Lay/Skilling Convictions

Meet Erin K. Rice, a Former Enron Employee In the Communications Group
Erin's Experiences with the Media After Enron's Bankruptcy
Erin Researches Bethany McLean
The Bethany McLean/Jim Chanos Connection
Jim Chanos' Bears in Hibernation
Erin & Her Co-Workers Feel the Bite of the Bears in Hibernation
After Bears in Hibernation, the Short Positions On Enron Tripled
Jim Chanos Gives Bethany McLean a "Lead"
Bethany McLean's "Due Diligence"
Bethany's Story: Is Enron Overpriced?
Another Example of Bethany McLean's "Due Diligence"
Bethany McLean Becomes the Oracle of Enron
Bethany McLean Writes Enron: Smartest Guys In the Room, Then Teams Up with Mark Cuban
The Playbook for the Prosecution
Bethany’s Reporting from the Trial - Objective? Or Improper? Decide for Yourself
Where is the Accountability?
What Happened on Smith Street


ViewerThe Media's Contribution - Myth After Myth After Myth After Myth...

Myth: Enron Was a House of Cards
Myth: Enron Employees Could Not Trade Stock in Their 401(k)s, While Executives Could & Did
Meet Mikie Rath, Enron's Manager of Benefits
Enron Employees' Benefits Package
Enron's 401(k) Plan
Diversify, Diversify, Diversify
The Record Keepers - Who They Were & What They Did
Changing Record Keepers
The Infamous "Lock Down"
Communications to Employees
Pushing the Blackout Period
The Transition - Chronology of Events
After the Blackout Period...
Ted Koppel Starts the Myth
Congress Perpetuates the Myth
A Summary of Key Points
Myth: Enron Employees Lost All of the Money In Their Retirement Accounts
Myth Versus Reality
Meet Mary Joyce, Enron's Director of Benefits & Executive Compensation
Enron's Pension Plan Was Fully Funded
How the Pension Myth Began
The Hoax about the 401(k) Plan
Senator Wellstone Was Wrong
Enron's 401(k) Plan
Were Employees Forced to Invest in Enron Stock?
But Didn't the Executives Tell the Employees to Invest in Enron Stock?
After All Those Accusations - No Change
Myth: Enron Was Shredding Documents
Myth: Enron Executives Pumped & Dumped
Myth: Global Galactic Was the Prosecutors' "Smoking Gun"
Myth: Enron's Use of Mark-to-Market Accounting Was Improper
Myth: Enron Hid Debt