Behind The Scenes

The Characters Were Cast


ViewerThe Enron Task Force - Its Formation & Purpose

The Enron Task Force - Its Formation & Purpose
Carte Blanche for the Enron Task Force's First Director - Leslie Caldwell

ViewerMeet the Enron Task Force Prosecutors

Observations About Their Mindset
Their Mafia Modus Operandi
"Beating Up the Witness" - A Description from Someone Who Saw Them in Action
Straight From the Horse's Mouth: An Enron Task Force Prosecutor's Own Words
How Do They Get Away With It? Prosecutors Have Been Cast By Congress Into the Role of "God"
U.S. Prosecutors Compared With U.K. Prosecutors
A Prosecutor's Goal: "A Ticket to Personal Wealth"
The Enron Task Force Prosecutors - Where They Are Now


ViewerMeet the Enron Task Force FBI Agents

Many a Truth Is Spoken in Jest
Were the FBI Agents on the Enron Task Force Qualified for the Complexity of the Enron Case? Just Asking...
Their Favorite Intimidation Tactics


ViewerThe Enron Task Force's Strategic Decisions

Leslie's First Strategic Decision - Staff and Manage the Enron Cases as Mob/Organized Crime Cases
Leslie's Second Strategic Decision - Make the Enron Cases "Conspiracy" Cases
Leslie's Third Strategic Decision - Characterize the Bankruptcy as One of Solvency, Versus Liquidity
Leslie's Fourth Strategic Decision - Go for the Quick Kill
What It Was Like to Meet With the Enron Task Force