Behind The Scenes

The Scene Was Set


ViewerThe Bankruptcy

Houston's Great Calamity
The Bankruptcy in Economic Context
The Bankruptcy in Social Context
ViewerWhat It Was Like to Be at Enron Just Before and During the Bankruptcy
ViewerWhat It Was Like to Be at Enron After the Bankruptcy

ViewerCongress Pounces

"How the Sausage Is Made In Congress…It's Really Ugly"
"It's Nothing More Than a Charade"
During the Congressional Hearings, Jeff Skilling Was Interrupted 72 Times
Guess Who Directs the C-Span Cameramen
ViewerWhat It Was Like to Testify Before Congress


ViewerPresident Bush Acts Fast

"There Is No Possession More Valuable Than a Good & Faithful Friend" - Socrates
Oval Office - "Clean This Mess Up Immediately."
President Bush's First Move - Deny the Relationship
President Bush's Second Move - Use the Department of Justice
President Bush's Third Move - Create the Corporate Responsibility/Enron Task Force
Deny + Indict = Re-Election
A Message to the Bush Family at Ken Lay's Memorial Service